Experience the warmth and charm of nearly 400 years of history

Established in 1639, the construction Shimogoten inn was ordered and financed by Nanryu-in (Tokugawa Yorinobu), daimyo of the Kishu-Tokugawa clan. The name Shimogoten was also officially bestowed by the daimyo, and its rich traditions and heritage have been preserved to this day.

Hot springs

Ryujin hot springs, one of Japan's top three beauty-enhancing waters

The rich history of the Ryujin hot springs stretches all the way back to the 700s, when these beautifying waters were originally discovered by traveling religious pilgrims. It is said that they were later developed as the result of a prophetic dream famed Buddhist monk Kobo Daishi himself.
Nanryu-in, daimyo of the Kishu-Tokugawa clan, was completely taken by them during the Edo period--so much so that he tapped the clan coffers to have accommodations built here. They were used as a beloved retreat for generations of clan leaders, who frequented them up until the clan system was abolished in the late 1800s. The waters themselves are carbonated alkaline springs with an abundance of radium, and are counted among Japan's top three bijin-no-yu, or beauty-enhancing waters, alongside Kawanaka hot springs in Gunma Prefecture and Yunokawa hot springs in Shimane. These beautifying springs remove excess skin oil and impurities while stimulating healthy liver activity. This not only creates fresh, baby-smooth skin, but also helps promote beautifying processes within the body. Come to this a gorgeous forest hideaway for an indulgent, soothing experience that will purify both body and mind.

Water propertiesSodium hydrocarbonate hot springs (pure alkaline springs), colorless and transparent
Primary benefitsBeautifies the skin, soothes gastrointestinal problems and neuropathy, good for burns or wounds, supports the liver

Indoor baths (Hinoki Bath, Ozashiki Bath)

Our relaxing indoor baths are done in traditional Japanese style. Our Ozashiki bath is one of the few tatami baths remaining in Japan, while our Hinoki bath is infused with the qualities and aroma of Hinoki cypress for an experience that gently nourishes the skin. The Ozashiki bath is a particularly luxurious experience, with the changing rooms, washing areas, and tubs all laid with authentic tatami mats. Take all the time you need to relax and indulge as the babbling sounds of the pristine Hidaka River drift in through the open windows. (Men and women alternate morning and evening access. Open to day guests as well.)

Open to inn guests6:00 AM–9:30 AM and 3:00 PM to 11:00 PM (open to day guests 12:00 PM to 2:30 PM)
Bath area amenitiesShampoo, conditioner, body soap, razors, combs, bar soap, basic skincare items, blow dryers

Mixed-gender open-air bath

The open-air baths at Shimogoten are the crowning jewel of the inn, overlooking the pristine waters of the Hidaka River. Soothe both body and mind as you enjoy a warm soak surrounded by lush natural beauty, intimately in touch with the changing seasons. It is a magnificent spot that combines all the relaxing, quiet seclusion of a secret hideaway with the wide-open release of a rushing mountain stream. At night, the surrounding trees are illuminated, creating an even more magical feel... (open to day guests as well).
*The open-air bath closes when the Hidaka River is high.
*Bath towels are required when both men and women are in the bath.
*Bath towels are available for rental for ¥100.

Open to inn guests6:00 AM–9:30 AM and 3:00 PM to 10:00 PM (open to day guests 12:00 PM to 2:30 PM)

Dining - Seasonal cuisine -

We specialize in kaiseki-style meals that celebrate the mountain vegetables, river fish, and other local ingredients that are the hallmark of Japanese mountain villages. Our menu changes every month, and includes rare, rural seasonal delights like trout sashimi in summer and wild boar stew or venison in winter. *Meal service ends at 7 PM


Shimogoten is nestled in a mountain valley, every one of its Japanese-style rooms offering a view of the Hidaka River. Time slows down here as every aspect of this immersive vista--from the wide-open mountain views from your window to the babbling crystal waters and fleeting seasonal changes--gently urges you to relax your body and calm your thoughts. For travelers looking for an added touch of luxury and sophistication, we offer specially appointed rooms in both Japanese and Western style as well as rooms with private open-air baths. Enjoy a rejuvenating day of privacy, ensconced in greenery and the stillness of nature.

  • Japanese-style rooms (main building)

    Subdued Japanese-style rooms with private bathrooms offering views of the Hidaka River

    Sunken kotatsu tableN Open-air bathN Regular bathY
    ToiletY Sink areaY RefrigeratorY
    TelevisionY SafeY Outside phone lineY
  • Japanese-style rooms with sunken kotatsu tables

    Enjoy the expansive vistas out your window from a cozy kotatsu table. These are rooms designed with relaxation in mind.

    Sunken kotatsu tableY Open-air bathN Regular bathY
    ToiletY Sink areaY RefrigeratorY
    TelevisionY SafeY Outside phone lineY
  • Japanese-style rooms with private open-air baths

    Private open-air bath lets you join friends or family in a relaxing outdoor soak at any time.

    Sunken kotatsu tableY Open-air bathY Regular bathN
    ToiletY Sink areaY RefrigeratorY
    TelevisionY SafeY Outside phone lineY
  • Specially appointed rooms

    Specially appointed rooms

    Sunken kotatsu tableN Open-air bathN Regular bathY
    ToiletY Sink areaY RefrigeratorY
    TelevisionY SafeY Outside phone lineY
  • Single rooms

    Designed for single or business travelers, these rooms lack a river view but still offer a private toilet and sink area as well as plenty of opportunities for quiet relaxation.

    Sunken kotatsu tableN Open-air bathN Regular bathN
    ToiletY Sink areaY RefrigeratorY
    TelevisionY SafeY Outside phone lineY


The Shimogoten houses a collection of historical pieces dating back to the Edo period. Take a moment to browse the various objects from the time, donated paintings and calligraphic works, and more.

Check-in time3:00 PM
Checkout time10:00 AM
Free parkingavailable (27 passenger cars)
FacilitiesIndoor baths, open-air bath, Hinoki Bath (Japanese cypress), Ozashiki Bath (tatami), one large banquet room (seats 60), three medium banquet rooms (seats 20 each), Gotenchaya restaurant, lounge area (reservations required), shop, full elevator access

Getting here

By train



Mt. Koya




Mt. Gomadan

20 minutes

JR Kisei Main Line (Limited Express)
113 minutes

Ryujin Bus
Express 76 minutes
Local 85 minutes

110 minutes

10 minutes

Koya-Ryujin Skyline Road
Nankai Bus 70 minutes

Ryujin Bus
45 minutes

Ryujin Onsen

  • *There is a seasonal shuttle available between Mt. Koya and Ryujin hot spring (reservations required)
  • The shuttle only runs April 1–June 30, on weekends and holidays in July, August 1–31, on weekends and holidays in September, on weekends and holidays October 19–31, and November 1–15, 21–23, and 28–29.

By car

Osaka(Suita IC)


Matsubara JCT

Wakayama JCT

Arida IC


Tanabe IC

Katsuragi-nishi IC

Mt. Koya



Kinki Expressway(10Km)

Hanwa Expressway(56Km)

Hanwa Expressway



Yuasa-Gobo Toll Road
Hanwa Expressway


Keinawa Expressway


Koya-Ryujin Skyline Road




Ryujin Onsen

  • *Please avoid R425 between Totsukawa and Ryujin hot springs. It is not suitable for travel.
  • *Please note that the Koya-Ryujin Skyline is sometimes closed in winter.
  • *Tolls along the Koya-Ryujin Skyline were abolished in 2003.


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